Why drink purified water?

1. Taste and clarity: local water sources may contain higher levels of dissolved solids, organics or metals that can be harmful or effect the taste of water
2. Local waters can contain harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that occurs naturally or are due to human or animal wastes. Dangerous pesticides and toxins from local and remote agricultural or industrial sites can contaminate water supplies and severely impact your health

What do people do now?

1. Buy water from commercial companies that are often very expensive, difficult to access or require delivery and handling
2. Buy from local sources with often lower costs but unknown quality
3. Drink water that is not purified and are at risk of acquiring water borne diseases and related health effects

Why PV Pure?

We provide systems that allow you to produce the highest quality water on-site at a very reasonable cost! The systems are designed with high quality components, equipped with smart controllers to ensure the highest operational efficiency, optimized maintenance, and are easily operated and maintained by non-experts. Your system is designed with your climate and local envirnment in mind. All of these reasons save you money, keep you healthy and helps the environment. 

PV Pure is a company using a multi-year R&D program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Its effectiveness has been shown in the laboratory and the field