Mark Sears, C.E.O.

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in serving product development companies that include many mechanical design, 3D printing, consumer, and medical device companies worldwide. He has independently consulted for 3D Printing, Channel, SAAS, and Software. Mark is CEO of Viridis3D – a large format 3D printer solution for the sand casting industry based in the Boston area of the US. He co-founded 3D printing software company TopoLabs - sold to AutoDesk, and additionally co-founded the ceramics 3D printing company Figulo, which has since been sold to 3D Systems. He owned engineering services company SolidVision for 7 years until its successful sale; it is responsible for the introduction of the Solido printer to the north-eastern US market. Previously he has worked in the US, UK, Germany, and Hong Kong in senior business positions for both SolidWorks and Prime/Computervision. He's an Angel Investor in the ground-breaking 3D printing digital rights company Authentise, the structural engineering company Qnect, 7AC Tech, and the medical device companies Audax and EndoSphere. Mark has a BA with honors in European Business Administration from Middlesex University, London, and ESB-Hochschule Reutlingen, Germany. He served as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy Submarine Service.