How your purchase makes a difference

You are helping the environment by investing in renewable energy sources and reducing the use of bottled water as well as the transportation pollution associated with its delivery.

A percentage of each system sale goes to subsidize similar systems for small villages and local governments that need clean water but can not afford commercially available prices.

If you would like to learn more or give more, contact us directly to sponsor the installation of such a system.

Our Success Stories

In the small village of La Mancolona, in the heart of the Yucatan jungle in Mexico, some 500 residents had very little options for clean and safe drinking water. Bottled water is not affordable and difficult to access because of the rural and remote roads, and the available water supply was not purified and contained harmful levels of bacteria and dissolved solids. Working with a committed group of local N.G.O.s and operators, we designed and installed a system to provide affordable and safe drinking water.  After a series of training and education sessions, the system is now operated and maintained by community members. The cost to village is less than 2 pesos for a 20 liter bottle for all supplies, energy and labor, much less than the cost of bottled water at 25 pesos per bottle. At a sales price of 1 to 2 peso per a 20 liter bottle  they will recover the cost of the system in less than one year. The profit generated is going back into the development of the village.

Our Featured Corporate Sponsor: IEnova

We are excited to currently be sponsored by Mexican energy infrastructure firm IEnova, to bring clean water to 15 villages and 18,000 people from the indigenous Yaqui tribe of Western Mexico. The collaboration with Sonora’s water authority to develop the PV Pure systems, provide training, and offer education to the vulnerable community is part of IEnova’s large corporate social responsibility portfolio.

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