Our systems give you full control of your clean water quantity and quality!

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The location of the system
Type of water to purify
The demand of water needed
The application of the technology


We will provide you with a proposal and cost estimate.


We will design, build and send you the equipment and manuals to install, operate and maintain your design.


You install, operate, and maintain your system!

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System Operation

The system virtually operates itself with our smart controllers. To turn it on requires flipping a few switches and settings.

For small systems it can be run as an on-demand system where it is turned on when the users wish. Larger systems use an output tank to store the clean water when it is producing it and hence can provide a continuous supply of water – day or night. Output tanks are equipped with level sensors to shut off the system or an alarm to warn of low clean water levels.

System Maintenance and Replacements

The maintenance of the system is simple, such as replacing filters every 3 to 9 monthly or replacing some of modular components every 1 to 5 years, along with periodic cleaning. Replacement parts are available for purchase through your local PV Pure representative.  Full and affordable service and maintenance contracts are available from your local PV Pure representative for your convenience.  

Water Quality Testing

Our systems are equipped with conservative alerts to keep you safe and healthy. We will teach you how to test all important parameters on site and supply testing materials for parameters such as minerals, T.D.S. and alkalinity. You can also chose to send us your sample to have more complex harmful parameters analyzed in our certified laboratory, including pesticides, metals and bacterial contamination.


Robust Technology, Extreme Efficiency, Modular Designs, Sustainable Solutions

System Sizes

We specialize in smaller systems for homes, schools, hospitals, vacation retreats, small communities, small hotels and resorts, and restaurants - with purified water in demands from 250 to 25,000 liters per day.

We produce water at the highest quality that meets health standards, has extreme clarity and great taste, from any water source.

We configure your system to your needs. You don't have to buy more capacity than you need.

Water purification requires substantial electrical power. Our photovoltaic panel system requires no costly external power.

Our systems can be run and maintained by ordinary people using ordinary tools.


Our systems produce water at a cost per liter that will be lower than buying purified water by the bottle, and it will be produced on your property at hands reach. 

Field Support & Training

Field support is available at any stage of your system: prior to purchase, for onsite hands-on operation and maintenance training and troubleshooting, or is available as on-line virtual training. We will provide comprehensive system operation manuals and support. 


Installation for smaller systems can be performed by handy users or their local contractor. For more complex systems, your local PV Pure representative can lead the installation, including the plumbing and electrical. In all cases, a PV Pure representative will provide all the required installation information.


We offer consulting services for your sustainable design projects. We have experts in the fields of solar power implementation, water purification, water reuse and conservation. Contact us for more details!