On-site Solar Powered Purified Water Systems at a Reasonable Price

On-site solar-powered water purification can solve the problems of unhealthy and foul-tasting water found in many locations at a cost that is a small fraction of what commercially available bottled water sells for. We configure your system to your needs; you don’t have to buy more capacity than you need.

You will produce water at a small fraction of a penny per liter!

We specialize in smaller systems – System Sizes

Our photovoltaic panel systems require no costly external power - Energy Efficient


Resorts, EcoHotels & Restaurants

Perfect for off-grid and smaller resorts or restaurants that wish to offer guests green and clean water and energy


Homes & Vacation Homes

Unequaled for providing purified water to homes located in areas with questionable water quality. Our systems can provide you with pure drinking water or water for your entire home

Schools, Hospitals & Small Communities

Ideal for rural clinics, hospitals, schools and small communities that do not have access or are in need of high quality, affordable water

Storing Clean Energy in the Form of Clean Water