Elisabeth Baratin, Project Engineer

Elisabeth earned a Master of Electrical Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology in 2011. She increased her expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy with a postgraduate Master’s degree from EUREC in 2014. She has worked globally in areas such as biomedicine, information technology and renewable energy. From feasibility studies, to installations and commissioning, she has been involved in various positions from surveyor and design engineer to project manager. Elisabeth has used her engineering knowledge to work on a variety of projects at universities, international corporations and non-profit organizations around the world. Having traveled, lived and worked in more than 10 different countries, Elisabeth is able to communicate in English, French, German and Spanish. She has also learned how to adapt quickly to diverse cultures and situations. Elisabeth managed a renewable water project to provide a reliable irrigation system for a tiny village in the Peruvian mountains. She successfully collaborated with a bicultural team. Elisabeth is now focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to supply people all over the world with access to affordable clean energy while saving the planet. She is enthusiastic to turn her engineering knowledge into new successful energy project designs and products.