& Design

Some customer cases are unique and require detailed and extensive professional studies to evaluate water purification needs. 

This is often true for large feasibility studies, such as due diligence studies for commercial, philanthropic, or social responsibility projects.  

For some applications, PV Pure can provide "off the shelf" solutions to meet the purification needs of a given application. Give such information, as water analysis of the source water and demand site information, PV Pure's experts can recommend a system configuration to the users.

In other cases, the application is more complex. We realize that many customers are not water or engineering experts. PV Pure’s engineering and water science experts can assist the user in developing solutions.


This work might include:

  • Onsite surveys and locations
  • Water and purification analysis
  • System configuration recommendations, feasibility analysis and cost estimates
  • Performance and long term economic projections
  • Design drawings and construction plans
  • Training and maintenance documentation
  • ...and more.

This work might consider single systems or clusters of systems.  We have performed these studies for groups of systems for up to 18,000 people in a dozen villages in a remote location.

The design and consulting work would be provided on a time and expenses. The user will receive detailed cost and performance information before making any large expense commitments.